I Am Empowered

“Rei” translates as the individual infinite energy flowing through all.
“Ki” translates as the universal life energy flowing through all.

Reiki connects our personal infinite energy with the universal life energy. We become conduits for this energy to flow through.

Inside each of us lies the capacity to heal through life experiences. When we see every obstacle as an opportunity for the warrior resting in our heart to reveal themselves, we are able to realize The strength and vigilance of the soul. Many have been taught to forget this innate power. But the truth is, we are all creative, intuitive and empathic individuals awaiting the opportunity to rise and greet any occasion with immense courage and resiliency.

It is with great gratitude that I am able to call myself a Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

I offer private healing sessions both in person, as well as skype or phone distance sessions. As a Master Teacher, it is imperative that I pass these teachings on to inspire and encourage this modality to reach as many as possible. Therefore, I also offer Reiki Attunements for all levels ~ one, two and three (Master Teacher).

A Reiki session is an experience that is difficult to find words to express; many lifetimes may be waiting to be tapped into and brought to the surface to be witnessed and integrated on profound levels. There is no giver and no receiver; together, we can explore blockages and healing to empower you to live more fully in your power.