I Am Rejuvenated

When we make love, we bring our naked, unadorned essence to each other. That place of essence is most obvious when one is orgasmic, but it’s beyond orgasm, beyond the body. And what we want is to be met there, and to be received by the other.
~ Donna, Aphrodite’s Daughters

Originating as an ancient healing tradition, vaginal steaming has provided nourishment through deep connection to women’s womb wisdom. This potent practice cleanses, tones, empowers and heals the womb ~ our centre of creation. All life comes from the womb, the divine Mother Earth; as women, we embody this essence as sacred vessels.

While the womb carries the potential to create new life, this is also the space where the majority of us store emotional trauma. These old wounds can cause energetic blockages and inhibit us from recognizes our full potential as divine beings.

We will work together to create a customized blend of herbs that resonate with your womb, needs and personal intention. Private or group sessions are available.

On a physical level, we have steaming herbs available to us that can help

  • Soothe and heal UTI
  • Yeast infection
  • Ovarian cysts

On an energetic and emotional level, we work with herbs that can support

  • The reclamation of your body temple
  • Cleansing out the energy of past lovers
  • Heal emotional wounds